Why Should You Stock Up?

My definition of stocking up would be buying non-perishable items that are used on a consistent basis in bulk when you can find them at rock bottom prices (Ex. dressings, condiments, soups, toiletries, paper items, etc.).  It is all based on each individuals household’s needs.  It is also hard for me to pass up free deals.  For example, my husband and oldest son have enough deodorant to last for the next 6 months and since I was able to get them for free I figured it was a small item that I could find space for.  Now toilet paper and larger items I don’t have room to store in that kind of quantity so I try keep 2 packs of at least 6 rolls a time.

Before undergoing this venture be conscious of  a few things:

  • How much space do you have to store items

  • Think about having a limit for each item

  • Keeping a mental list or writing the information down so that you become aware of the rock bottom prices when you combine the sale price with coupons you have held onto.  Print out this chart if you would like to begin keeping track.

My Reasons:

  • This strategy is worth the short-term investment for the potential long-term savings.

  • Even if you don’t need the items immediately, you know the items you use on a consistent basis so it pays off to buy them when they are cheapest.

  • Based on research I have done the sale cycle seems to be about every 3 to 4 months. This means that when you have accumulated your reserve it can/should last you for those months until the prices fall again thereby saving you from spending more on it when you know that you could have paid less but need it now.

  • It can also eliminate having to go to the store repeatedly and impulse buys which can sabotage savings effort.

What/When to stock up :

  • Make a list of non-perishable staples which would include ingredients in the most common meals you make in addition to various items that you use on consistent basis and begin accumulating a reserve.

  • I do not shop at Sams Club for the majority of my “filler” items because I can usually find better deals elsewhere but most of the time it does have good stock up prices on certain perishable staple items like dairy (milk, cheeses, butter), chicken & meats (which I can freeze), and some produce (lettuce, potatoes, etc.). I am becoming a really big fan of the e-coupon upgrade. I have found that the extra savings is worth the added fee per year. Always compare and calculate cost to see whether it is a better deal.

  • Don’t be brand specific if possible. Sometimes there are items that you prefer and if that is the case then the obvious choice is to stock up when those items go on sale for the lowest price (which is when that little list that you write down or mentally store in your head comes in handy. Print your Price Tracking Chart).

  • This does not pertain to just groceries but any items on clearance like toys for birthdays, clothes, or anything else you might come across are excellent prices and can be put away for later. Most of the time I buy clothes for my kids a year ahead when they go on clearance when the stores clear out for next season.